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Champion Safe Gun Safes offer customers the best value on the market.

From our premier Crown Series gun safes to our sturdy Model T Gun Safe Series, each gun safe is built to outperform its closest competitor in price and quality.

In today's marketplace, not all gun safes are built equal. The security offered by cheap, lightweight gun safes is often little more than illusion. Deceptive-looking gun safes lull many buyers into a false sense of security. Champion Safe takes pride in the fact that we offer the best quality in a gun safe at a reasonable cost. We still build gun safes the old fashion way: heavy and tough! With thick American-made steel our gun safes provide our customers with the kind of protection they are really looking for in a gun safe.

From the thick body, the Double Steel Door Casement to the extra lock protection, Champion Safe provides unbeatable security. Our gun safes are built up to a standard, not down to a price. In fact, our gun safes are the heaviest, strongest, toughest safes on the market.

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What should I do if the lock is not working properly? If the door is open, leave it open and call Champion Safe’s customer service 801-377-7199.

How do I reset my lock to a special combo? If your safe has an electronic lock please see the LaGard or Sargent & Greenleaf operating instructions. If your safe’s lock is mechanical contact your dealer or a local locksmith.

How can I tell if my electronic lock battery is getting low? LaGard and Sargent & Greenleaf electronic locks have low battery warning indicators. If the lock battery is dead the combination will not be affected. When possible, replace the lock battery with the door open. Try the combination several times before closing the door near the door bolts.

What if the safe’s door will not shut? The door bolts could be extended into the locked position or something is contacting the door. If the door bolts are extended re-dial the combination and retract the door bolts rotating the door handle clockwise. It may be necessary to depress the bolt detent lever located midway up on the hinge side of the door near the door bolts.

If the safe’s handle is loose, how can I tighten it? The handle hub has a set screw that can be tightened with a 7/32” or a 1/4” Allen wrench. To prevent paint damage place a piece of cardboard between the Allen wrench and the door.

What if I lose my combination? A record of your combination is kept on file at the Champion Safe’s main office. Contact Champion Safe  at 801-377-7199.

Where is the best place to put my safe? All home situations are different. We find people will use the safe more often if it is placed near a main bedroom location or an office or den.