Debunking Common Gun Safe Myths

Possessing a firearm is an important responsibility, and having a well-built gun safe from Champion Safe Co. can keep your gun securely stored away from thieves or individuals who may not know how to operate a gun properly. Here are some common myths you should know about gun safes:

Gun Safe Myth 1: All Gun Safes Provide The Same Degree Of Protection

The truth about gun safes is that they offer varying degrees of safety. The differences in safety can be due to the steel used to construct the safe, and the overall design. Gun safes that offer some of the highest levels of security usually are constructed of heavy-duty, American-made steel that meets strict standards established by the Underwriters Laboratories. Some manufacturers may use thin sheets of Chinese steel or other metal in the construction of their safes, resulting in safes that are much less durable and secure.

Gun Safe Myth 2: Burglaries Typically Occur During The Nighttime

Burglars actually tend to break into a dwelling when it is most likely that there is no other person on the premises. This means that many burglaries will take place during the daytime between the hours of 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., when the residents of a home are away at work, school or running errands. It is also not uncommon for those who burglarize a home to be familiar with the residents of the home, their schedules and the layout of the home, including where the gun safe is located.

Gun Safe Myth 3: It Does Not Matter Where Your Safe Is Located

You should strongly consider where you decide to store your safe. In addition to aesthetic issues, you want to also be mindful of the factors that can compromise the security of your gun safe. You want to make sure that is in a place in which it will be safe from hazards, such as flooding and fires as well as burglars. Locations that are good places to store your gun safe can include:

  • Areas that have a concrete slab
  • Basements that have low humidity
  • The first floor of a home in a bedroom or office

Gun Safe Myth 4: You Can Store a Loaded Weapon Safely Inside Your Gun Safe

There are many dangerous scenarios that can arise from storing a loaded gun in your gun safe. You may forget that it is loaded and accidently injure or kill yourself or someone you love. If someone in your household other than yourself opens the safe, whether or not they had authorization to do so, they could injure or kill themselves. To avoid unfortunate situations, refrain from storing a loaded firearm. Make sure it is unloaded with the safety button in the “on” position before your place it in your safe.

Gun Safe Myth 5: Fires Are Greater Danger Than Burglaries

While gun owners who store their guns in a safe should consider the possibility that a fire could occur, it is burglars who are more likely to do damage to their safes as they tend to occur more frequently.  According to a 2012 FBI report, burglaries in the United States occur every 15 seconds, while the National Fire Protection Association reports that a fire department will respond to a fire every 23 seconds.

Gun Safe Myth 6: There is No Need to Bolt Down Your Gun Safe

Avoid the mistake of assuming that because your gun safe is large and extremely heavy that it will not be stolen. Someone who has the intent of taking the contents of your gun safe will come with the tools necessary to do so or will make plans to take the safe with them to open later. This is very likely if there is more than one burglar who can work together to lift the safe. Take the time to securely bolt down your safe to prevent thieves from taking it with them.

At Champion Safe Co., providing gun safes with the highest level of security is our specialty. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions or concerns about gun safes.

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