How to Store Guns in an Apartment

Many people in the country enjoy exercising their right to bear arms; however, this right also comes with great responsibility. It is important to make sure that the guns are properly secured for the safety of everyone around, especially if there are kids in the building. When it comes to owning guns in an apartment, here are some tips to ensure that the guns are secured safely.

Purchase a Gun Safe for the Apartment

To put it bluntly, gun safes are undoubtedly the safest and most secure option for storing guns. The average gun owner can afford a gun safe and even the cheapest models of gun safes have significant advantages over other methods of gun storage. When living in an apartment, keep in mind that gun safes are heavy. Some larger gun safes weigh thousands of pounds and can place a significant amount of stress on the top level of an apartment. Champion Safe Co offers smaller, high-security options for securing guns that offer the similar levels of security without damaging the top floor of an apartment building.

Some good options of smaller gun safes that would work well in an apartment include:

Bolt Down Gun Safes

While some gun safes are thousands of pounds, others are small enough to be carried away by criminals. Don’t consider these cheaper, lighter gun safes as protection against theft, fire, or other stresses. Bolt a gun safe to the floor and bolt it in a location far from the front door, such as the bedroom closet. While this is a place criminals would look, it will take time and effort to get the safe unbolted. Even a determined criminal knows the clock is ticking and won’t have time to access a gun safe that is bolted to the floor. For people concerned about damage to their apartment or rental property, it won’t take more than a little spackle to fix a wall or pulling back a little carpet to bolt it down. Then when the lease is up, fold down the carpet and glue it back down. If a gun safe is bolted down in a closet, your repair work won’t even have to be perfect.

Hide the Guns

Hiding the guns simply doesn’t offer the same security as a gun safe but it is better than nothing. False containers are common options and work well in fake food boxes hidden in the pantry. The pantry is not a common place for thieves to look. Most people create their own false container because the false containers available in stores look too fake. Others hide their guns in garment bags and hang them up in the closet amongst the other clothing

Pick a Smart Location

Avoid hiding guns in places that thieves will look such as bedroom drawers and mattresses. Some people will place their guns in a safe in the living room for easy access; however, keep in mind that lighter gun safes can be easily carried away. Ensure gun safes are bolted to the floor and turn the combination far from the correct dial to ensure people don’t gain easy access. Finally, do not hide the guns in places that are subject to extreme temperature because they can damage the gun and bullets causing them to work improperly or malfunction dangerously.

Other Suggestions to Protect Your Guns

Guns are just like any other valuable. They require intelligent care and protection. It may be wise to get renters insurance when living in an apartment. Renters insurance is generally pretty cheap and you can obtain coverage that protects the guns against damage. Take photographic evidence and document them carefully.

In addition, do not broadcast gun ownership to other people. Don’t hang up signs that might attract criminals to steal expensive guns, and use nondescript cases when moving the guns in and out of the apartment. This will prevent criminals from knowing that the guns are there and being tempted to steal them. Additionally, you can mark your guns with an engraving pen, as it is a lot harder to sell a gun with someone else’s name on it.

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