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Why Buy a Champion Gun Safe

Champion Safe gun safe
  • Champion provides more security for the dollar than any other brand.
  • Stronger safe bodies – 100% continuous MIG welds and steel reinforced door casements on all models.
  • Champion provides more door steel than its competitors – stronger door with full inner door steel.
  • More total steel weight. More steel means more security.
  • All Champion safe models are made from 100% American-made, high-strength steel.
  • All models feature four-way active boltworks – the ultimate in boltwork design.
  • Champion has more complete and effective door defense systems.
  • We build all of our own safes. No China-Build imports.
  • Lifetime warranty on everything we build.
  • Champion Safe offers real security – no fluff & stuff to divert attention away from steel deficient safe.

The Superior Promise

Superior Safe Company Confidently makes the claim, “A Step Above the Rest.” This is not a sales slogan, but rather our pledge to you. We stand behind this statement with our guarantee, “If you can find a better safe for less cost, Superior Safe will refund your money in full.” We define better to mean: level of security, fire protection, quality of finish and workmanship. This guarantee is good for one year following your purchase.

Superior Safe gun safe

Quality and safety were the only things on the minds of Champion Safe Co. when it was founded in 1999. Today, it’s earned the reputation for being the #1 quality gun safe in America. That’s because there are no other 24 gun safe on the market that are as strong and secure as those built by Champion.


All Champion Safes are designed and built with American-made ASTM Certified high strength steel plate and exceed the strict security rating from the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Residential Security Container (RSC).

Door Design

The way a gun safe’s door is designed is crucial to the way it performs. The door design is a critical factor when determining a gun safes security. The door is the first place a breach will occur. We go the extra mile by adding additional strength and rigidity to the opening of the door by adding a double steel door encasement. This encasement is made with steel layers that are two or more layers thick to greatly increase the strength of the door’s opening.

Not only is it the door design, it is the use of American made steel that makes the difference. If the door is made of heavy steel, it will reduce the chances of door failure. Unfortunately, most of our competitors build their safe doors with just one bent piece of 12-gauge (or less) metal. It’s not uncommon to find gun safe doors built with thicknesses of one or two inches. The problem is these doors are usually filled with sheet rock or with just small pieces of metal used on the inner door steel. And while these doors are thick and appear to be structurally strong, they aren’t because they lack the steel necessary to provide a foundation that is rigid enough to give a safe the strength it needs. This creates a huge problem because these types of doors can be easily pried open using simple everyday tools; and not only that, a safe that is lighter, makes it easier to pick up and haul off. That means a two-man team could make off with your gun safe without much effort.

Steel Safe Body Design

The body design of our safes is formed from one solid piece of steel. We bend that steel and fit it into the shape needed before welding the top and bottom to the safe. We use continuous MIG welds for the top and bottom steel body pieces, which is something most of our competitors don’t do. Generally, our competitors will use smaller strips of metal pieces and will then fill in the gaps with a two-part polyester resin filler. This is just another reason Champion Safe Co. is #1 in the industry.

American-Made Steel

All Champion gun safes are made with 100% American-made steel. We do this regardless of the expense because even though American-made steel is heavy and expensive, we believe it’s the only way to ensure we are providing you with a quality product that’s been built to last.

But what about steel that’s made in China? Chinese steel is an inferior product that can’t compare to American-made steel when it comes to its strength and durability. In fact, the 12-gauge American-made steel is more than three times stronger and durable than a 14-gauge steel that was made in China. Need we say more?

Generally, most of our competitors make some or all of their gun safes in China, then have them shipped to America to sell. However, at Champion Safe Co., we guarantee our gun safes are top quality products that are made with American-Made Steel.

Fire Protection

Champion Safe Co. is one of the only gun manufacturers whose safes carry a UL 72 Fire Gun Safe Rating. You can learn more here: Fire Resistant Gun Safes and Gun Safe Fire Ratings Explained.

Champion Gun Safes Come With The Best Warranty

While many gun manufacturers claim to have the best warranty in the industry, Champion Safe offers the most comprehensive gun safe warranty.

  • If your safe is damaged by fire or broken into, we will replace your safe, as well as the shipping and removal, everything.
  • If for any reason the paint peels we’ll fix it.
  • We offer an optional lifetime warranty on the lock as well.
  • And much more!

If you would like to learn more about our comprehensive warranty you can do so here: Champion Safe Co. Warranty Information

Please contact us if you have any questions, we look forward to assisting you.

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