Interior Options

Executive interior shelving option Standard interior shelving option

Champion’s Interior Shelving Options

Champion gun safes are the best in its class. Pick the type of interior that best fits your needs. Our gun safes come in a variety of sizes to accommodate every kind of gun safe owner. Champion Safe Company can adjust to any type of gun safe need that you might have. If you don’t plan to store your guns, but simply want to protect your valuables, request the executive interior which comes with all of the adjustable shelves you need to keep those documents, jewelry, laptop, coin collection and more in your new home safe. Champion gun safes have some of the best fire ratings on the market. You can sleep easy knowing that your valuables will be protected in your new gun safe!

Gun Safe Door Organizers

Champion Gun Safe’s have always included these convenient and durable door organizer features:

  • File Holders
  • Pistol Pockets
  • Custom Embroidery

We have now improved the gun safe organization capabilities with these great additional features!

  • Knife Holders
  • Key Holders
  • Two-Tone Suede Accents
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