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American Made Gun Safes

Gun Safes Built With American-Made Steel

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Champion Safe Co. has been producing the best gun safe with American-made steel since 1999 and since that time, our dedication to manufacturing superior quality gun safes has never changed. Champion safes are the strongest gun safe dealer and most secure safes available on the market. With a commitment to quality, service and reliability, Champion Safe is unique in its’ record of engaging with consumers and providing the highest quality american made gun safes. While there are other safe companies, many manufacture cheap safes that are built in China for low-cost production without a focus on quality. Champion Safes are made the old fashioned way, with thick, American-made steel for impenetrable strength.

American Made Steel vs. Chinese Steel

The difference between American-made and Chinese steel is obvious as soon as you look at one of our safes.

A Champion Gun Safe product can be counted on to provide:

  • Lower oxidation than Chinese steel
  • Thickness and tamper resistance
  • Up to eight times the thickness of imported steel
  • Environmental friendliness
  • Durable steel plates
  • Multi-layer edge enforcement for durability

Choose from our Superior, Champion and American Rebel model series for exactly the amount of protection you need. Our 12-gauge American steel is three times stronger than imported 14-gauge steel from China.

American-Steel Gun Safe Features

Our American-steel gun safes manufacturer offer superior protection to keep your firearms secure in the event of a home invasion or fire. All of our safes are created with dedication and pride. Each safe conforms to our extensive list of standard features that other manufacturers simply don’t provide. Each purchase of a Champion safe is an investment in the American way of engineering and manufacturing.

Get the peace of mind that comes with owning a gun safe outfitted with steel plates to prevent forced entry. Our locks are made from industrial diamond bonded to hardened tungsten that makes it impossible for a thief to drill through or crack. Each safe door contains American-made steel with multiple layers of enforcement to provide an even higher level of security.

Investing in America

When you invest in a Champion Safe, you are investing in America. None of our materials are imported from China and our models are all 100-percent constructed from high-strength American steel. Buying local means supporting our local and national economy. Our American workers are treated with respect and they are passionate about the work they do.

Another benefit of buying local is that you are contributing to a healthier environment. Our independent business serves the local community and uses fewer resources than import-based manufacturing. Efficient land and resource use is not only great for the environment but helps lower the taxes we all pay as well. Create real value for yourself and your community by investing in a Champion Safe product.

See the difference American-made steel and manufacturing makes when you purchase a Champion Safe. Our products last the test of time and provide the highest level of protection for your firearms, keeping you and your family safer.

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