Ironside Home & Fire Gun Safe

Why do we call it the Ironside? Because it has more steel than anything in its class.
  • $2,499.00 - $3,999.00

Ironside Home & Fire Gun Safe

Why do we call it the Ironside? Because it has more steel than anything in its class.

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  • $2,499.00 - $3,999.00

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Ironside Home & Fire Gun Safe

Product Details

Why do we call it the Ironside? Because it has more steel than anything in its class. The Ironside’s body is pressure formed from American-made 12-gauge steel which is almost 3 times stronger than 2 mm or 14-gauge steel used in most China-built or lightweight American containers. The Ironside’s door is constructed from 12-gauge steel plate plus full 14-gauge inner steel with a multi-layer 7/16″ edge reinforcement. This door is almost 6 times stronger than what you will find on most imported safes. The heavier steel used in the body and door, plus the Double-Steel Door Casement TM, creates a pry-resistant steel foundation. The Ironside offers many security advantages found only on more expensive safes including: four-way active boltworks, door defense systems, Sargent & Greenleaf ® lock and a one-hour 1400° fire rating. The Ironside is a steel fortress you’ll be proud to own for many years.

Available Colors

Note: All safes come in additional colors and sizes. Please contact Champion Safe to order a safe not available through our online market. Additional delivery time can be expected.

  • Two-tone high-gloss polyurethane:
  • High-gloss polyurethane:
  • Textured finish:


3/4″ Thick Composite Walls 12-Gauge Steel Walls Up to Three Layers of Fire Insulation Double-Steel Door Casement™ Heat-Expanding Fire Seals

High-Security Door

4″-Thick Double Plate Steel Door™ 12-Gauge Outer Door Steel, Full 14-Gauge Inner 7/16″ Reinforced Door Edge External Ball-Bearing Hinges Two Layers of Fire Insulation Five-Spoke Custom Handle with Slip Clutch


Four-Way Active Boltworks Up to 12, 1-1/4″-Diameter Door Bolts Roughneck™ Bolt Guides

Lock Protection

Superior’s Auto-Relock™ System Diamond-Embedded Armor Plate™


Plush Interior High Capacity Gun Racks Steel Reinforced Top Shelf (SI-45) Deluxe Door Organizer


1200°F 75-Minute Fire Rating Tested in an ASME Certified Facility UL® Security Rating Lifetime Warranty

Available Sizes

Safe Model Dimensions WxHxD* Volume (Cubic Feet) Approx. Weight (lbs) Outer Shell Thickness Outer Door Steel Thickness Inner Door Steel Thickness Door Edge Thickness Active Bolts Gun Count
SI-45 40" x 72" x 28.5" 43 CF 915 12 ga. 12 ga. 14 ga. 7/16" 12 - 1.25" 52
SI-30 34" x 60" x 24.5" 26 CF 625 12 ga. 12 ga. 14 ga. 7/16" 10 - 1.25" 42
SI-20 28" x 60" x 22.5" 20 CF 520 12 ga. 12 ga. 14 ga. 7/16" 10 - 1.25" 24

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