Tips for Storing Your Guns Long-Term

In case of an emergency, you always want to know that your gun is there and ready to protect you and your family. But you understand that in order to be there in that capacity, it must be maintained and kept safe from young or inexperienced hands — or those with less than noble intent. This balance between convenience and practicality is a challenge that all responsible gun owners face.

This takes proper planning and storage procedures. By having a plan you can have security, safety and proper function for your guns for years to come.


Why Proper Storage is so Important

Before we look at our storage plan, let’s look at why proper storage is so important.

Pre-Treat the Firearm

  • Disassemble the gun
  • Be sure to leave the gun decocked to avoid tension in the springs and various parts of the gun.
  • Inspect the gun for cracks or pits in the muzzle or other causes for alarm. If you find these kinds of things, have the gun checked out by a professional before attempting to fire it again
  • Clean the gun thoroughly. The components of guns — copper, lead, plastic — all attract moisture and will deteriorate over time so it’s important to use an ammonia-free cleaner to keep your gun dry. Don’t forget to remove slings and clean swivels which are highly rust-prone if not properly maintained.
  • Completely clean out the gun’s Bore before applying a thin layer of lubrication. Don’t forget to apply a thin layer to any exposed metal on the gun.
  • Use a thin wax coating to treat wood stocks.

Store the Gun

  • Invest in a quality gun safe that is quick and easy to access, but also safe and secure. The safe should keep your firearm protected from rust, dirt and moisture. It should be heavy and durable so that someone doesn’t just pick it up and run for the door.
  • There are several options like trigger locks or armored cable locks that prevent your guns from being shot without having a key.
  • You may also want to use a gun storage bag for extra protection from rust, dust, and corrosion.
  • Keeping humidity low is important for the maintenance of your gun. A Silicon-Treated Gun Sock is one great option. It serves two primary protective functions in cushioning your firearm to prevent scratches and dents and preventing rust and dust build-up.
  • Don’t forget to always store your long guns with the barrels down to prevent oil from seeping into the stock.

Finding the Right Gun Safe

Your guns are important. Find the right safe to assure that they are there when you need them now and well into the future. Our safes are built to last and to protect your guns. Gun safes are heavy and made of high-strength steel. Remember that “you get what you pay for” and don’t settle on inferior products that simply don’t deliver. Please visit our site to learn more about getting the right safe for your firearms.

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