48 Gun Capacity Gun Safes

Keeping your gun collection safe and secure is important for all gun owners. With a 48 gun capacity gun safe from Champion Safe, you have the ability to store and organize as many as 48 long guns in a single safe location. Our line of 48 gun safes features velour interiors that are conveniently adjustable to accommodate all gun collections with barrel rests to allow storage of firearms with scopes. Every safe comes with a choice of mechanical dial locks or electronic locks built by the leading gun safe lock manufacturers.

Champion Safe’s Wide Range of 48 Gun Capacity Models

Untouchable Series Gun Safe (Model UT-45)

Hand-assembled by a master craftsman, our Untouchable Series offers the strongest and most secure protection for your gun collection. Quarter-inch thick steel walls offer superior defense from both tampering and fire, with an 110-minute fire rating under conditions up to 1865 degrees. Our Untouchable Series comes equipped with Sargent & Greenleaf Group II dial locks and an auto-relocking system to safeguard your collection from intruders of all kinds. This gun safe model holds up to 48+ guns.

Master Series Gun Safe (Model SM-40)

One of our best selling safe options, the Master Series offers superior security and fire protection in combination with style and an excellent value. The door and body construction with 10-gauge steel walls provides excellent defense against break-ins. Our Master Series safes come in 11 elegant finishes with a full velour interior, and this gun safe model holds up to 49 guns.

Supreme Series Gun Safe (Model SU-45)

With classic lines, radiused corners and a recessed door, our Supreme Series safes combine high-quality protection for your gun collection with style and sophistication. This series features our trademarked Triple-Step doors that offer more than 125 times the protection of the average built-in-China safe door. For added security, the elegant velour interior features motion-sensing LED lighting. This gun safe model holds up to 49 guns.

Ironside Series Gun Safe (Model SI-45)

Our Ironside Series has earned its name through its construction. With more steel in the body and doors than any other safe in its class, the Ironside Series is guarded by a robust door defense system, 4-way active boltworks, a door detent framework and best-in-class Sargent & Greenleaf locks. With a total interior space of 44 cubic feet, this model can hold 48+ guns.

Triumph Series Gun Safe (Model TR-40)

For those who are looking for fortress-level protection for their gun collection, our Triumph Series can provide the properties that you are searching for. The security features of our Triumph Series far surpass any other safe in its class with a 10-gauge steel body and pry-resistant door casement. In the case of fire, our Triumph Series models are rated for 90 minutes of protection at 1650 degrees. This model holds up to 49 guns.

Get the Best 48 Gun Safe from Champion Safe Co.

Are you in the market for a gun safe that can safely and securely accommodate your 48 long gun collection? Champion Safe is proud to offer a wide range of 48 gun capacity safes with a variety of features to meet your needs.

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