Best Gun Safe Door Accessories in Utah

As any gun enthusiast knows, there are various accessories available for your gun safe. All promise to be something you can’t live without, yet it’s easy to feel lost in the maze of extras. Those of us at Champion Safe offers accessories that we feel are truly valuable for your gun safe. From custom door panels to gun safe lighting, these accessories increase your safety and confidence.

Hot Rod Dehumidifier

While most gun safe owners are well-informed about the importance of a reinforced fire door and stainless steel components on a safe, few are also aware of the importance of having a dehumidifier inside the safe. For anyone who stores their firearms in a damp environment, a dehumidifier helps protect against moisture that can rust or corrode metal. Without one, you’re risking the longevity of your safe’s usefulness and encouraging a noxious stench to form.

Gun Safe Door Organizer

Organization is paramount when dealing with your prized possessions. Avoid a potentially dangerous situation by storing your valuables in an efficient, organized manner with a gun safe door organizer. When time is of essence you don’t want to waste time searching. Use an organizer to store pistols, jewelry, knives, walkie-talkies or other products that you want to keep safe.

Gun Safe Light

Having a gun safe light offers benefits beyond aesthetics. Reaching around in the dark for a firearm is simply not a safe idea. There is an array of lighting options available out there, but Champion Safe Co. uses LED lights because they are the most practical. They are brighter while using less power; they spread the light out wider, and they are more reliable than other lighting options. Installing a light source with motion sensors is the most optimum choice, then your gun safe light will automatically turn on and off when you open and close your safe. Lighting can be particularly useful if your gun safe is stored in a dark part of the house or basement.

Gun Safe Shelving

Adding an extra shelf provides you with optional storage for more guns and other products. Champion Safe offers two types of interior shelving: standard or executive. Choose the executive option if you want adjustable shelves for a variety of valuables, including a lap top computer, coin collection or important documents. The standard interior shelving option would be more ideal for those who want to store rifles in their gun safe.

Gun Safe Anchor Bolts

Picking a high security safe lock is not an easy task; it can take hours. The typical burglar is a prime opportunist. If a thief notices a safe, they’re apt to try to take it with them in order to break it open later. Some thieves come prepared to remove even the heaviest safes. With gun safe anchor bolts, this becomes virtually impossible. Many insurance plans require such outfitting, knowing that it is a remarkable deterrent to protect your valuables. If installing the anchor bolts yourself, use redwood door shims to level the safe so that the door has an even swing.

As an industry leader, Champion Safe provides the highest-quality gun safe and gun safe accessories available. Our products are created with high-strength steel on all components for maximum security. We’re so confident in our gun safes, we offer a lifetime warranty on materials and workmanship.

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