How to Change the Lock Combination on Your Gun Safe from Champion Safe Co

Champion Safe Locked Out

Changing the combination for your Champion Safe gun safe lock may be necessary from time to time; whether your gun safe has an electronic lock or a dial lock, the procedure to change the combination is straightforward and simple. In either case, please note that in order for your gun safe to remain under its lock protection warranty from Champion Safe, you must inform Champion Safe of the amended combination for either your electronic or dial lock as soon as possible after the combination has been changed. Neglecting to properly inform Champion Safe of any such change will prevent the company from assisting in any future issues with your gun safe’s lock and will result in a voiding of the lock protection warranty. Once your lock protection warranty is void, only an independent locksmith will be able to provide assistance with opening your gun safe.

How to Change the Combination on Your Electronic Lock

Customers who own gun safes equipped with electronic locks can change the combination on the lock themselves through an easy three step procedure applicable for all Champion Safe electronic locks. First, while keeping the door to your gun safe open, press “zero” on the keypad six times. After doing so, enter the current six-digit lock combination a single time. Lastly, enter a new safe combination code of six digits twice in order to confirm. Please note that if at any point in the process a mistake is made, the entire process may be repeated by following all three steps again after a thirty-second wait. To avoid any potential complications, please try out your gun safe’s new electronic lock combination a few times before closing and locking the gun safe’s door. As a guideline, the safe will beep twice after a new valid combination lock entry has been accepted; a triple signal denotes that the new combination lock entry was not accepted and that the old combination is still in use.

For security reasons, do not use easily guessed number combinations for your gun safe’s electronic lock combination, such as your birthday, a close loved one’s birthday or an anniversary date. To avoid being locked out of your gun safe, store the current combination to your electronic lock in a safe place far from your gun safe itself.

How to Change the Combination on Your Dial Lock

Unlike electronic locks, owners cannot change the combinations on their gun safe’s dial locks themselves. However, it is possible for a reputable locksmith to do so. Alternatively, many Champion Safe dealers are equipped to change dial lock combinations as well. In order to find your nearest Champion Safe dealer, please visit Champion Safe’s dealer directory to locate your nearest authorized dealer. As with electronic locks, avoid using predictable combinations such as birthdays or other important dates and keep a copy of your dial lock’s combination in a separate safe location.

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