Steel Tariffs, Champion Safes and the Firearm Industry

The political atmosphere is on fire right now. While new laws and bills are being created, proposed and passed every single day, a new steel tariff has been established here in the U.S. As everyone entertains a strong opinion on today’s topics, the reverberations of this tariff can be felt across the globe.

As lawmakers sit down to discuss the tariff and its implications further, Champion Safe would like to explore just what this tariff would mean for gun safe and firearm owners across the U.S.

According to The Washington Post, the Trump Administration recently imposed a tariff on steel and aluminum imports in an attempt to not only stimulate further business for the steel and aluminum industries within the U.S. but also to protect these industries. Many large corporations are scrambling to apply for fee waivers on the steel import tariffs, as many import from Japan, China, Switzerland and other countries, as also referenced by The Washington Post.

Teams in Washington D.C. must decide which companies will receive these waivers and which still must pay. While the tariffs have been in place less than a month, politicians and import experts believe this adjustment is only the beginning, but will undeniably benefit the global economy in the years to come.

The steel and aluminum industries have a great impact on the lives of so many Americans, especially those involved in the gun safe and firearm demographics. Many gun safes and firearms are crafted almost entirely out of steel, meaning these tariffs (if the sole proprietors are not waived from the tariffs) will influence an increase in firearm and gun safe prices on an individual and national scale.

A large amount of firearm and gun safe manufacturers produce and import their metals for their products outside of the U.S., as referenced in the graphic below:

Steel produced outside the U.S. is cheaper in price and still pales in comparison to U.S. quality. This means the Chinese steel used in making the gun and fireproof safes, as well as other products, less resilient, easier to penetrate and overall much weaker in comparison to safes made with U.S. steel.

The presence of these low-cost imports has established an American consumer price expectation that U.S. based manufacturers struggle to compete with.

However, consumers need to compare the cost-to-protection value when they purchase a safe. Champion has and will continue, to build safes using certified steel made in America which are stronger and of better quality than you will find in the big box stores.

To prove the point, take a look at our door strength tractor pulls on our YouTube channel to see US steel in action:

While all of this is being hammered out, trust Champion Safe for the quality, price and safes you can trust.

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